As the youngest of three, with two older brothers, I have been into sports and fitness since I was a little girl. I started to lift weights in high school, and played college basketball on a very successful team at Mt. St. Mary College in Newburgh, NY. Upon graduation, I became a high school English teacher and varsity basketball coach in Jersey City. Although I loved teaching and coaching, I had always felt something was missing. I was away from my kids all day, everyday, and decided I needed to follow my passion, which would also allow me to be more present in their lives. I got my Level 1 certification and began coaching Crossfit shortly thereafter. From there, many doors opened up in the fitness industry. One of them was Crossfit Kids. I received my certification two years ago, and have not looked back since. Some of my favorite hours of the week are spent teaching kids the importance of movement of exercise! Although this has become my career, in the last five years it has never once felt like “work.” It is a privilege to help those, young and old, achieve goals, stay healthy, and have fun!

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 | CrossFit Kids