Vivian has been working with Coach Steven for about 12 weeks and has seen some major transformations with her body. She is down by 5 inches around her waist, 4 inches around her hips, and went from a size 12 to a size 8 in jeans. The best part is her back pain has diminished!

This wasn’t done through drastic diets or starvation. In fact, just the opposite. She was surprised at how much food she needed to eat!

What are you doing differently with your nutrition?

I always thought I was a healthy eater. My issue is portions control. Logging EVERYTHING i eat in MFP was a big deal for me. I realized that if I didn’t plan my food the day before it was a complete poop show. This forced me to get my fiber in. Before I thought I was good cause I ate a salad but I soon found that I needed to eat those veggies with every meal. Yes, even with breakfast. 

What physical changes surprised you the most?

I literally shrunk before everyone’s eyes and I was having trouble eating all my macros in the beginning. The scale may not have changed much but I took out my smaller jeans and my smaller workout wear and I felt good. Doing things in the gym that I couldn’t do before and having more energy were added bonuses. 

How do you stay on track and committed?

Here is where I struggle. I run out of the gate full blast, fully committed and then toward the end I tend to peter out. I know this about myself so Steven and I decided a plan.

I made a commitment to plan my meals the night before so I wouldn’t sabotage my whole day. I also told him that staying too long on the plan was a struggle for me as I tend to get lazy with all the logging.
We agreed that I would take a break and work toward maintenance for the holiday months. This way I won’t struggle with all the logging and I’m in a much better place with my intuitive eating. Already have plans for another cut with Steven come January. 

Any advice for someone who wants to start out? 

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself and do it when you’re “really” ready. Trust the process, because I never thought I could eat all this food and still have so much body recomposition. I have truly learned that I eating for health and wellness.

Yes it’s hard work but everything good always is. Couldn’t have done it without Steven’s help at 201Nutrition.